Full body waxing hair removal is top of the line at Bella Wax Spa. Our wax is 100% all-natural and used with the finest and purest ingredients. Our Special wax allows us to give a more thorough, pain-free waxing experience.  We strive to make certain we have clean sanitized and sterol environment.  No double dipping policy is a guarantee at Bella Wax Spa.

Here are some facts about the Brazilians Waxing service here at Bella Wax Spa:

  • 100% All-Natural Wax
  • Finest and Purest Ingredients
  • Special Wax Gives Thorough Pain-Free Waxing Experience
  • Clean, Sterilized Environment
  • No Double Dipping Wax Policy Guarantee

Bella Wax Spa is the place to come for Brazilian wax in Santa Fe, NM, because the company is highly trained, extremely careful and most of all, very good at it. We have hundreds of satisfied clients over the last 5 plus years and that alone is the best reason to use us when you are going to get a Brazilian wax in Santa Fe, NM. You want it done right.  You want it done as pain free as possible and you want it done by the best. That is why you should come to Bella Wax Spa for Brazilian waxing.


Brazilian Body Waxing Menu

Brazilian Wax (front to back)$55
Brazilian Wax & Numbing Gel$55
Bikini Wax $38.50
Woman’s Back$22
Full Legs$66
Half Legs$49.50
Full Arm$44
Half Arm$27.50
Under Arms$13.20
Toes & Fingers$11
Men’s Back$55
Men’s Chest & Stomach$55
Nose Wax $11

Facial Wax Menu

Eyebrow Wax$16.50
Face (Sides)$13.20
Full Face (includes eyebrows)$33